Exactly How to Get the Hair you Want at Your Next Appointment

Telling your hairdresser exactly what you want isn’t always easy that’s why I wanted to wrote this article so that next time you go to the salon and you’re trying to express what you want them to do to your hair you’ll know exactly what you’re talking about and people explain it so that you get exactly the hair you want at your next appointment.

Figure Out What You Want

First thing to do is figure out what you want, hairstyle apathy isn’t a good look on anyone even a vague notion is better than nothing. The four words no stylist wants to hear are do whatever you want. Get on the same page before strands are snipped, use the consultation time to tell your stylist when you got your last haircut how often you get a cut and how you usually style it. Bring a photo of the haircut you want but if you want to go the extra mile bring a photo of a style that’s similar but not what you want it’ll help your stylist to figure out what to avoid and know your limits not every haircut works on every head. Whether your hair is curlier straight whether you have bald spots cowlicks sideburns or all of those can affect the kinds of hairdo’s that will do well on you.


The most important part of a hair appointment is the consultation and the reason is because it can either be completely understood by your hairdresser or misunderstood. Most of the time, there is miscommunication between you and the hairdresser or you not knowing how to explain what you want. Again, having a picture and showing your hairdresser that this is color level, the styling or haircut you want would go a long way to ease the consultation process.

Body References

For length, when someone says cut off an inch I know we all learn the same metric system but it’s still an inch to me as what an inch to someone else is completely different so the most important thing is body references and the hairdresser when you say like I want shoulder length the hairdresser should actually touch the body part because some people you know just barely off the shoulder higher is shoulder length whereas some people just blew past the shoulder’s length point. It’s a visual thing and most hairdressers are very visual, so the hairdresser first of all should point to where that length is and you should you know if it’s middle of the back and if you would be comfortable with that and make sure that that’s exactly what you want.

Hair Color

Also knowing the hair color you want for your hair would help the hairdresser to get you what you want at your next appointment. This is because a lot of people often confuse the colors they want for their hair. For instance, if you say you want a medium-brown hair color, this might not clear enough to your hairdresser because it could be warm brown, cool brown, level 4 brown or level 6 brown. Even though 6 is technically already blonde I mean to some people looking at it you would never say that a level 6 was blonde so most people would categorize it as brown so with that being said everyone sees color differently what I think is warm someone might think is neutral I mean it’s so it’s better to just have a picture again.

These are a few things that you should do in my opinion to get the hair you want at your next appointment. I hope this helps and good luck to getting that perfect hairstyle.

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